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Motivation and Empowerment

Thank you for considering my program. It will be customized to meet youMotivationr specific goals for this event.This message will provide the inspiration and tools required to empower your team to take control of their circumstances which dictate their level of personal motivation. Your attendees will enjoy significant interactions and a good laugh as we learn key principles.

If we want to motivate our team the most important question we should be asking ourselves is, “How can we influence them to motivate themselves?” Motivation should be driven intrinsically. There are external motivation tools you can employ but the effect is short term and can be costly.

Problem resolution skills may seem like an odd way to address motivation, but it is not. As we understand the psychology that drives or hinders an individual’s motivation we recognize that it is tied directly to their emotional feelings of CONTROL. A person that feels in control is more confident. That self-confidence is reflected in a positive attitude towards their daily tasks; plus it impacts their ability to interact with others. We will give them the tools to solve problems, reduce stress and improve productivity.

This is a powerful session that has produced life changing results. It is full of practical advice that is easily adapted and put to good use. Numerous attendees have reported life changing results.

Stan’s presentations are fun and interactive; they include all three leaning styles to ensure everyone receives maximum benefits. We’ll laugh and have a great time together as we see ourselves illuminated in the anecdotes. These stories are designed to help us recognize the areas in our lives requiring attention and challenge us to take action.

Each participant shall receive a mnemonic device (a tangible memory tool); plus printed support material. Stan will utilizes memory techniques to help anchor key components to ensure long-term benefits for you and your people.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.Please feel free to call my cell phone, (813) 309-0269.

Enthusiastically Yours, Stanley J. Reynolds

P.S. My policy is to work within your budget if at all possible. Thanks!

Motivation – Helping Individuals Motivate & Inspire Themselves to Take Action!

Motivation must spring forth from within each individual or it will be gone by morning. Stan employs a psychological science for igniting the creative motivational forces embedded within each listener. He utilizes both emotions and logic to trigger an avalanche of thought that will drive each of us towards a Self-Motivating response.

Once the individual decides to take action then and only then does everything begin to change. Stan’s sessions are always lots of fun and entertaining; everybody will have a good time. However, in the process some very serious things shall be accomplished. Having spent years as a DALE CARNEGIE TRAINING® coach, Stan knows the difference between delivering cute inspirational stories about someone’s success and actually triggering human thoughts that force us to challenge ourselves to get up and get motivated ourselves. Motivation is intrinsic in nature which requires that it be driven from the inside – out. Your audience will gain a System for taking charge of their own motivational levels and kicking them up a notch or two. Helping your folks take charge of their motivational drive is what sets Stan apart from the thousands of people who think they are motivational speakers. Stan will help your audience take personal responsibility for producing change that leads towards a self-driven motivation. NOTE: This session does require significant input by the sponsor to clearly identify the major objectives to be accomplished. Stan will construct this session based on your needs and desires to ensure that your meeting goals are accomplished. All three learning styles will be utilized in this session, which shall provide the broadest degree of benefit to each participant. Each participant shall receive a mnemonic device, or tangible memory tool; with support material. Throughout this interactive session Stan will utilizes memory techniques and devices to anchor key components of the success principles being taught. Thereby, your audience will retain higher levels of pertinent information, which in turn significantly enhances their ability to transform knowledge into usable skills. These tools will help us move from merely temporary inspiration to long term self-motivation. Consequently, the value you delivered to your attendees, by retaining Stan, is multiplied.

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Albert Einstein – Delivers Critical Thinking Skills

Albert E

Witness Albert Einstein character come to life right before your very eyes. Learn critical thinking skills from the master himself as you laugh your way through this interactive educational session; that guarantees to deliver significant long term value. Einstein taught, “Imagination is the True sign of Intelligence – Not Knowledge.”

We will all learn how to tap into the power of our imaginations to solve problems, achieve goals and increase our own productivity. This motivational session delivers much more than just great entertainment value. Albert Einstein will share his newest and most advance critical thinking formula for tackling projects and solving problems. Recognizing that some of us are less than geniuses when it comes to working through cognitive formulas for success, Albert gives everyone in your audience a mnemonic device – a functional thinking tool. He likes to think of it as his “Slide-Rule for the Mind.” It is truly an indispensable tool for organizing thoughts and accomplishing objectives. You will learn how to use this simple tool to address your own issues. You will be moved by his conviction and passion for helping others solve problems and reduce stress. Plus, you will be challenged to take action in your own life. In longer session Einstein teaches us, “How to Do the Impossible by Doing the Doable.” This is an experience that will keep your audience coming back and boasting of the great time they had at your event. This exceptionally memorable encounter will win you praises. NOTE: This session does require significant input by the sponsor to clearly identify the major objectives to be accomplished. Stan will construct this session based on your needs and desires. All three learning styles will be utilized in this session, which shall provide the broadest degree of benefit to each participant.

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Leadership – Building Strong Leaders

Albert Einstein 048

Your Audience Takeaway is:
1.) Learn an Intuitive System for Plan Development and Decision Making
2.) Gain Ability to Organize Thoughts Quickly and Effectually
3.) Learn a Process for Solving Problems and Gaining Cooperation
4.) Understand How to Reduce Levels of Stress and Live a Happier Life
5.) Acquire a Step-by-Step Process for Achieving Objectives and Goals
6.) Gain a Method for Measuring and Keeping Track of Progress Towards the Desired End
7.) Receive a Mnemonic Device to Anchor the Organizational Lessons Learned

This is an exceptionally valuable session. You will learn a unique System of Logic for tackling projects and solving problems. This uncomplicated system for organization and corresponding action is guaranteed to lead you towards performance improvements and increased productivity. For many of us that could mean more money, although, it can be more of anything that we set our hearts towards accomplishing. The session is unique because of the use of mnemonics or memory tools. The LogicDie is a mnemonic device. The die is used to establish an organized system of thinking. This system is built upon the time proven principles of self-help training. The LogicDie helps us to recall and apply these principles in a step-by-step process. Each participant will receive a LogicDie™ and printed support materials; at no additional charge. A major objective is to direct and control our thoughts by first understanding how our brain works; and second by taking control of that process utilizing the LogicDie system. This will enable us to follow a system designed to make the dreams of our imagination come true. Albert Einstein taught, “Imagination is the true sign of Intelligence; not Knowledge.” We will equip your people to harness the power of their imagination. The system makes leadership easy as 6-1-2-3, which you will learn about in the workshop. Attendees will also learn how to teach others to follow this system too. The Logic Die system doesn’t teach us anything new; we already know all the basic principles of success. Nevertheless, the system provides an order for recalling these principles. One by one, they build upon each other until we arrive at our goal. Everyone will have lots of fun and laugh during this interactive session that touches on all three learning styles to ensure that each person receives the maximum benefit. Your people will appreciate an unique approach to learning time proven principles that make the foundation of great leaders. Stan will bring his decades of experience as a business owner, consultant, community leader and Dale Carnegie Training™ Coach to the table. He will ensure that this message is relevant for your audience. You should receive plenty of positive feedback and enthusiastic appreciation for bringing this program to your members. I look forward to serving you.

Stanley J. Reynolds

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How to Build a Strong Team

   ImageManipulator.php  Please hold back your laughter as Stan shares the life lessons learned from his forty years of owning and operating small businesses. You and your team will be receiving a very important and valuable “Thinking Tool, the LogicDie.”

It will provide an easy step by step process for changing whatever needs to be changed. It will help you to quickly gain understanding and develop plans of action to solve problems and your accomplish goals. Stan will share from the lessons he has learned from employing hundreds of people and fighting countless fires. This session will be very humorous – Plus will deliver a serious and timely message. There are basic mistakes that the majority of small business owners commit. These mistakes must be addressed if we are going to make our business work better. If we fail; our business will run us, instead of us running them. Do you find yourself fighting fires day after day? Is the fun gone out of being in business? Are you the first one to arrive and last to leave? Has the business that was supposed to provide you with freedom turned into a JOB? If that describes you, you will want a front row seat at this seminar to learn how to change what needs to be changed. Stan’s forty, plus, years of experience has taught him many vital lessons. At the same time he enjoys sharing the teachings of legendary business people such as: Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, John D. Rockefeller and Henry Ford to name a few. You will learn and enjoy a great deal from this session.

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