Think To Prosper
Printing a copy of this Book Costs 5 USD. 
This Book is Offered for free in Africa and currently, it has been given out to most schools in Uganda under Educational Missions. Educational Mission's Mission is to provide effective educational tools and procedures that empower individuals and organizations to achieve their best. These tools include the LOGIC DIE™ and the THINK TO PROSPER Book.

Our Vision is to unite with like-minded individuals, educational and religious institutions, governmental and private organizations to fulfill our Mission of providing nonsectarian education, plus educational resources to the good people of Uganda and beyond.

We recognize and support a vast array of quality educational programs. Nevertheless, at the core of our Vision is the advocation of a structured cognitive system that utilizes a mnemonic device, the LogicDie™. This system creates an infrastructure for solving problems, developing plans, and achieving goals while measuring our progress. We believe that the implementation of LogicDie's™ step-by-step cognitive processing system will vastly improve individual and corporate productivity, thereby, directly leading to wide-ranging human prosperity.

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How to Do the Impossible

Do you have problems that you need to solve or things you must get done? Here is a systematic approach, like you have never seen before, to help you achieve your goals and improve your productivity. The author has taken time proven self-help principles and presented them in an intriguing fashion utilizing a mnemonic device, the LOGIC DIE™. This new tool has already helped numerous solve problems and achieve goals.

The LOGIC DIE™ system is so unique that you cannot even imagine what it is; all thought when you see it you will say, “Why didn’t I think of that!”

The LOGIC DIE™ system is a true innovative break-through in cognitive processing. You will find it to be quick to learn and easy to apply. It provides a simple path for gaining knowledge and understanding enabling you to make wise decisions and develop realist manageable plans of action that get results. 

The Richest Man in Babylon

What makes this book different? It is part of the "Read and/or Listen with QR Codes" series. Each chapter includes QR Codes that allow you to listen to the stories produced by professional narrator Steve Hoover. Every character will come to life as you visualize yourself in ancient Babylon learning the secrets of the wise teacher.
GOLD AHEAD is the original title for The Richest Man in Babylon. This book is a word-for-word transcript of George S. Clason's 1940 Second Edition of GOLD AHEAD and includes Part 2, "How to Study for Financial Success and How to Analyze Financial Problems," which has been omitted by many publishers.
You will discover time-proven teachings that will outline a system to help you keep more of your hard-earned money. Plus, you will learn a prudent way to make your money . . . earn more money. Clason's stories will teach you about "Fattening Your Purse." In today's world, you will be fattening your bank account.